Postpartum Bundle

Postpartum Bundle

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Postpartum Prep Bundle

For Birth- 8 weeks postpartum

It’s finally here. You’ve been waiting for this for months now. Postpartum is a joyous time spent cuddling your little one, but it also comes with some friendly little reminders to your body of how long you carried that little bundle of joy. We hope this box helps soothe some of the aches that come with having a baby as well as take your mind off of some of the ups and downs so you can enjoy your new baby. Our Postpartum Prep Bundle includes:

Postpartum Sitz Bath:  It is important to remember that heat is for healing. Enjoy 4 bath sachets by Country Kivett. Each sachet contains oatstraw, rose, calendula and lavender buds that provide soothing relief to your perineum after the birth of your baby.  We recommend hanging one on spigot and letting water run through while filling the tub, and enjoy a nice soak. Alternatively, place in boiling water for a few hours and pour infusion into bath.

Postpartum Mood Roller Bottle:  Hormone changes are a healthy part of the postpartum journey, but can make you feel a little different from your normal self. Enjoy a wonder blend of Jojoba Oil, frankincense, Clary sage, geranium, clove, citrus Sinensis, and lavender by Lavender Thorne to help with the new feelings after having a baby.

Peribottle:  Nothing feels better than a nice gentle spray either warm or cool before, during and after a trip to the ladies room. This easy functioning on-the-go bidet is just what you need to feel better and provide comfort when using the bathroom.

Fancy Panties: You’ve got a lot to focus on right now. Bulky pads in ill fitting panties and laundering messy undergarments should not be on that list. Wear these panties (as well as a pad to extend the use) in your first few days post partum. They may not be what you are used to, but embrace them. They are your new mom-derware.

Nipple Butter:  It's something we just can't avoid, especially in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Tender, sore or even cracked nipples can make feeding your baby a challenge. Our nipple butter is made from gentle ingredients that are safe for your infant and no need to wash off prior to feeding. Olive oil, cocoa butter, calendula, chamomile, marshmallow root, coconut oil are a great combination to help soothe tender nipples and a great preventative measure in assuring a pleasant breastfeeding experience.


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