About Us


Our founders, Jennifer, Haley and Erica, are Certified Nurse Midwives who met while working at a birth center in North Carolina. 


As a company, we are passionate about women, and their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys. As midwives, we routinely counsel women on products that facilitate having a healthy mind and body, and that create a fulfilling birth experience. We saw an opportunity and a need to use our education and experiences to provide for women in a whole new capacity by not only giving advice, but by actually presenting products we support and love.


The Gentle Stork aims to provide safe and simple products to facilitate a gentle pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. We hope to not only help ease the physical symptoms that come with having a baby, but to also encourage a serene and joyful mental state. From conception through infancy, we want to be here for all your needs.